What is YahWeh?

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This book is a revelation that gives in-depth explanations of how Tongues unlock the power of God. This power is made available from the time a person receives Christ and has an encounter with the Holy Spirit. God makes provision of a special language called Tongues, which allows men to communicate with and be communicated to, in the Spirit. Tongues, as the Bible entitled them, is a heavenly language that is used between men and the heavenly beings; God & angels. Tongues have many elements and dimensions. Shepherd Bushiri, through his prophetic insight reveals these elements and dimensions. He reveals different kinds of Tongues available for believers to use. It is important for every Christian to know and understand these kinds of tongues and to use them in their Christian life. Speaking in tongues is a tool that is used to strengthen oneself and make it possible to partake in the divine. Furthermore, this book will set you in the path of understanding that through tongues, heaven is made tangible on earth.


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