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YahWeh Religious and Anointed Materials Reviews by the believers around the world.


Holy Anointed Material

A blessed women, shared her picture with holy anointed materials she purchased from ECG; Lion of Judah oil (New), Favor Oil, Anointed Healing Water.


Prayer Mantle: Major 1

I highly recommend this blessed cloth if you need healing. I was healed the first day l started using it. I used to have bad cramps. i prayed to God of major one to heal me and give me a new womb. I put it on my stomach over night, by midnight the pain was gone. I neve felt that excruciating pain that l used to feel again. Thank you God of major one i am healed.


Oil: Lion of Judah (New)

This Lion of Judah Oil is a truly effective product. I love this. Thanks!


Book: The Prophetic Calling

When you watch a person function in their genius you always wanna ask the famous question, "How'd you do that?" This book answers that question and much more you haven't even thought to ask, yet! This book is very straight forward but deep, something's you will see in this book you will catch right away others you will have to meditate on to get the full value of what's being said. As a young man learning about the prophetic having been studying it for the last 3 1/2 years I can say that this book was a great read, chock full of years of wisdom and experience behind each word. If you are prophetic, aspiring to be prophetic or know someone who is you can't afford to not get and read this book!


Sticker: Heavily Protected

It will protect you it is good. I like it. I tell my friends and family members to get it.



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