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Give the Gift of Prophecy with the Son of Major 1

December 20, 2017

Anointed Guidance Face to Face by Hon 1 Major Prophet Wakisa Chizaso

Hon 1 Major Prophet Wakisa Chizaso, is the Son of Major 1 and he is now available online for 1on1, here on Yahweh. His powerful prophecies have proven to be an amazing gift for your loved ones and friends. During the 1on1, the participant gets a private virtual experience for healing, prophecy, and prayer. Some of our participants bring their spouse or child for the conversation, to be blessed and prayed for. Schedule your 1on1 now and give the gift of prophecy! 

“He is the Son of Major 1 and has made me feel light — like something heavy has left my body!” 
— Clava, Netherlands

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